Youth Sports Facts for Growing Warriors
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Youth Sports Facts for Growing Warriors

Youth Sports Facts for Growing Warriors


Do you have a child who is interested in participating in local youth sports clubs? Whether it is soccer, basketball, football, lacrosse, or something else, being active at a young age can provide today’s kids with tomorrow’s skills. 

Our young warriors need to have positive role models and mentorship opportunities to help them become successful adults. That doesn’t mean parents are doing a terrible job, because that is not true. 

Parents need help because no one can be everything to someone. 

These facts about youth sports can help you to decide if this option is right for your family. If it is, contact your local organizations for tryouts, interviews, or opportunities to play.

Why Do Youth Sports Matter?

When parents are active in sports, their children are more likely to be playing. That’s why it is essential to get involved at the local level with coaching, volunteering, or refereeing. You are setting an example for the next generation. 

Are you going to be tired at the end of the day? Yes. 

Will there be days when it feels like you’ve made the wrong decision? Yes. 

Is it going to feel like you’re broke half of the time because you’re always buying equipment or paying fees? Perhaps. 

These investments will pay off with some incredible dividends one day. Here’s why.

1. Children who play youth sports have higher self-esteem levels. They also have lower levels of self-derogation and depression. 

2. Kids who play at least one sport, either individual or team-based, are 15% more likely to go to college.

3. Active children in youth sports are 1/10 as likely to be obese as the general population for their age group.

4. Kids who regularly participate in youth sports have higher annual earnings of up to 8% compared to children who did not play in any organized activities.

5. Today’s youth become tomorrow’s leaders because they are more productive at work, have up to 40% higher test scores, and have lower overall health costs when they play sports compared to those who do not.

6. Children and parents who participate in youth sports have reduced risks of developing type 2 diabetes, all cancers, stroke, and heart disease.

Active Communities Always Do Better Than Inactive Ones

The benefits of youth sports don’t stop at the kids. When a community becomes physically active while supporting their children, several unique advantages develop as time passes. 

  • Towns with robust youth sports programming have 10% lower obesity rates.
  • Physically active communities have an 18% lower rate of hypertension and a 3% lower heart disease rate.
  • Staying active create an above-average air quality index rating when measured for the year. 
  • Communities with youth sports have higher property values, lower unemployment rates, and higher graduation rates. 
  • Active communities have an above-average walking and biking score in addition to their youth sports.

Anyone can stay home to play video games all day. There might be times when that is a healthy choice to make, but that shouldn’t be the decision one always makes. Having youth sports available ensures that everyone can have an active lifestyle, and that foundation creates advantageous outcomes for us all.  

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