Could Ayurveda Be the Most Powerful Coronavirus Treatment?
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Could Ayurveda Be the Most Powerful Coronavirus Treatment?

Could Ayurveda Be the Most Powerful Coronavirus Treatment?


Although COVID-19 scares have impacted countries since January 2020, the world paid more attention to the coronavirus when President Donald Trump announced he had tested positive for the disease.

Only three countries have reported deaths of more than 100,000: the United States, Brazil, and India.

As everyone scrambles to find a practical way to treat this virus, one ingredient seems to keep making more waves than others. With patients undergoing natural treatments in three hospitals, doctors found that Ayurvedic remedies were able to more effectively relieve some COVID-19 symptoms. 

Everyone who participated in the studies tested negative after ten days of treatment.

How to Manage Potential Coronavirus Events

Scientists suspect that COVID-19 spreads through airborne particles. When you talk, sing, sneeze, or breathe heavily from exercising, it can transfer to another person when they inhale those droplets.

It may even spread in aerosol form.

Those concerns are behind the reason why mask mandates are in place globally. By preventing most, if not all, of the droplets, the risk of transmission reduces.

When you follow Ayruveda, the goal is to create balance between the body, mind, spirit, and universe. If you fall out of step from this harmony, you have a more significant chance to become ill.

One of the most effective ways to embrace this natural remedy is to follow the Ayurvedic diet.

What Is the Ayurvedic Diet?

When you follow the Ayurvedic diet, you’ll follow an eating plan that offers suggestions for how, when, and what you should eat for your body type.

The foods you eat get based on your overall personality.

  • Pitta is the diet for those who follow a decisive lifestyle. These people are hard-working, intelligent, and may suffer from indigestion, heart disease, or hypertension when they become out of balance.
  • Vata is the diet for creative people with lively energy. These individuals often have fatigue issues, higher anxiety, and may have digestive problems to manage.
  • Kapha is for those who are loyal, grounded, and calm. You may experience depression, asthma, diabetes, and ongoing weight gain when dealing with these issues.

Your body type is often the first determining factor for deciding what diet to follow. The symptoms you experience, along with your general nutrition needs, are secondary choices to consider.

When you follow the pitta diet, your foods are energizing and cool. It places limits on seeds, nuts, and spices.

Those on the vata diet would eat grounding foods that are moist and warm. They’d avoid raw vegetables, bitter herbs, or dried fruit.

The kapha diet limits artificial sweeteners, red meat, and processed ingredients.

All of them encourage you to eat whole foods each day. You’d consume grains, vegetables, fruits, and legumes based on your body type and profile. By working toward this overall balance, you can experience more weight loss opportunities or promote a mindfulness lifestyle with greater ease.

Following the Ayurvedic diet and lifestyle encourages mindful eating, accountability, and proactive decision-making when shopping If you have COVID concerns, this approach might be the best way to live. 

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