Best Essential Oils to Stop Those Bad Vibes
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Best Essential Oils to Stop Those Bad Vibes

Best Essential Oils to Stop Those Bad Vibes


Does negative energy surround you right now? Do you need those bad vibes to stop so that you can continue on with your day?

Essential oils may have the answer that you need.

Each person experiences scent in different ways. The reason why this happens involves our experiences growing up.

When you have pleasant memories associated with a specific odor, your body naturally relaxes. If the smell triggers something you’d rather forget, anxiety and higher stress can be the result.

Please remember to pay attention to dilution, sourcing, and concentration before working with these essential oils to create potential wellness benefits.

Get Grounded with Bergamot

If you love Earl Grey tea, the citrus notes you can detect in it come from the bergamot. This essential oil can let you feel more grounded when depression or a dark mood comes along. It keeps you in the present, providing a mild sedative effect that encourages relaxation.

Ylang Ylang Can Energize

When you’re having a lousy day, this flowery essential oil can give you a helpful boost. It’s also something you’d smell when someone around you wears Chanel No. 5. It may improve your self-esteem, reduce anxiety, and help you find a coping mechanism for grief.

Clary Sage Oil is a Cleanser

Burning sage has long been part of the Native communities’ culture in North America. White sage is used for this purpose, which means this essential oil can produce similar results. Using it for aromatherapy can reduce issues with anxiety while providing some pain tolerance benefits.

Lavender Is Soothing

When you have a lousy day, most people will say, “Go get some lavender essential oil to feel better.” It’s a safe and effective option that is tough to hate – and it’s cheap! As an aromatherapy ingredient, it calms the nervous system while promoting a quieter mind. It can also become an endocrine disruptor, so the best advice is to use it sparingly.

Open Your Eyes with Eucalyptus

When you wake up after a not-so-great night of rest, a bottle of this essential oil can get you ready for the day. It really helps to clean out the sinuses, providing a cooling effect that energizes. People can apply a safe dose of it topically to reduce inflammation, swelling, and pain in joints. It may even provide a lift to your immune system.

Purify with Frankincense

It might be one of the gifts given by the wise men, but we still use this essential oil today for purification needs. Some religions use it for ritualistic purposes, although there is a practical reason to use it. When you spray this product in your environment, the peppery scent can inspire relaxation and positive feelings. You can transition to the next task that you hope to complete for the day.

The best essential oils can help you say in control whenever something unexpected or bothersome comes along. Stock up on these options today so that tomorrow can become the day you want it to be.

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