How to Create a Beach-Like Atmosphere at Home
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How to Create a Beach-Like Atmosphere at Home

How to Create a Beach-Like Atmosphere at Home


Going to the beach can be an incredibly relaxing experience. What are you supposed to do when you are hundreds of miles from the closest one?

You can create a beach-like atmosphere at home!

Although it may take a small investment to create this oasis in your backyard, it is possible to replicate the experience. Here are some ways you can do it.

1. Create a Sandbox

Do you remember building castles and playing in the sand when you were little? An adult sandbox is a place where you can dig your toes into the warm ground, sip a cold cocktail, and listen to your favorite playlist. Consider placing a fire pit in the center to replicate the beach bonfire concept if you have space.

2. Put in a Pool

The best backyard beach would be an in-ground installation with surrounding sand that slopes toward the water. When that outcome isn’t in the budget, a splash pool is a viable alternative. It’s about 13 feet long, seven feet wide, and lets you cool off during a hot day.

3. Add the Cabana

Having a shaded retreat for your backyard beach can happen with a frame that supports a sailcloth. Place some gravel to create a pathway, finish with some decorations, and don’t forget the lounge chairs!

4. Improve the Lighting

The best part about visiting the beach is the ambiance. Although you can’t replicate the rushing waves, you can produce the resort lighting. Hang lanterns by your patio, install some tiki torches, or use solar-powered features to create a glow along your sidewalks or paths. The best news is that there are no real rules to follow (except HOA and community guidelines). Mix-and-match to get the results you want.

5. Add Accessories

Put in your favorite beach items with your new backyard oasis. Use the sand toys, add some coastal colors, and use a striped rug to create hygge. When you create a playful vibe for everyone, you’ll want to spend more time outdoors than inside.

6. Install an Outdoor Shower

Assuming that you stay in your swimwear, an outdoor shower can ensure everyone gets clean before going inside. You can build walls to provide a little privacy when needed, although a two-story home neighborhood can probably peek into that spot without much trouble. Run a splitter from your hose to avoid installing a new connection.

7. Bring on the Breeze

Add a ceiling fan to your outdoor oasis if you have a covered patio or deck. The air movement will keep most insects away, and you’ll get enough of a breeze to feel comfortable. It’s not the same as the ocean’s wind, but it’s better than nothing!

Establishing a beach oasis at home can be as simple as installing a fire pit. You can also go all-out with this remodeling effort by building a pool, a sloping beach, and the furniture needed to have a relaxing time. If you can go to the shore, bring it to you with these ideas!

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