Best Beaches to Visit to Support Your Health and Wellness
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Best Beaches to Visit to Support Your Health and Wellness

Best Beaches to Visit to Support Your Health and Wellness


Any beach provides opportunities for relaxation. Whether you are visiting a lake, river, or the ocean, those moments are a chance to let go of the stresses that bother you.

When your goal is to support your health and wellness, the following beaches are the best places to restore your energy.

List of the Best Health Beaches Globally

1. Hilton Head Island

Often rated as the best island in the United States, this South Carolina jewel provides 12 miles of shoreline to explore. It’s the perfect place for a long hike or bike ride with the entire family. You’ll have full amenities, a resort atmosphere, and grill access to make your own picnics happen.

2. Parrot Cay

This private island offers complete exclusivity to restore your faith in the world. Only a few private villas and one resort are present. Since it requires a 30-minute ride from the Providenciales to get here, it’s possible to spend an entire week by the water without seeing anyone else.

3. Trunk Bay

You have seen countless photographs of this beach online, but it is an even better experience being there. It’s at the corner of the Virgin Islands National Park, with hiking trails and snorkeling being the biggest draws. Stopover by Cruz Bay for whatever supplies or retail therapy you need to relax.

4. Maundays Bay

The clear waters, pristine sand, and half-moon arc make this beach the ideal destination to relax. It’s rarely crowded, even though it is a public area. Even the waves are gentle, making it the perfect spot for families with young children.

5. First Beach

Located on the Olympic Peninsula, you won’t find vampires or werewolves waiting for you at this beautiful beach. You’ll see beautiful waters, sunshine, and Pacific Coast monoliths waiting instead. You’re not far from Forks if you need supplies, and plenty of camping opportunities in the nearby national park can let you get off the grid for however long you need.

6. Reethi Rah

When you visit the Maldives, almost every beach feels like the perfect place to relax. With over 1,200 unique destinations to choose, the goal is to find something with your favorite amenities. This one stands out with its larger size, minimal resort presence, and gentle turquoise waters.

7. Matira Beach

With white sands that stretch for over a mile, the gentle slope takes you into a shallow lagoon while palm trees and tropical greenery stand guard. This destination is a public spot, helping you avoid the resort prices while enjoying some sunshine. The Polynesian culture invites you to stay, and it’s tempting to accept it forever.

8. Honokalani Beach

You’ll find dark sands waiting at this beach, graced by a thick jungle and volcanic remnants. Lava tubes stretch into the sea, while caves from the waves have carved into the shoreline. It’s one of the most unspoiled places that Hawaii offers.

What beaches do you like to visit when it is time to relax? 

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