How Surfing Could Change Your Life
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How Surfing Could Change Your Life

How Surfing Could Change Your Life


Surfing may not be for everyone, but it is one of those beach activities that each person should try once.

Nothing on the beach (or even in life) can match the combination of explosive action and calm moments that happen on a board. When you find yourself caught between these two natural forces, it feels like everything is right with the world.

When you start waiting for the next wave, you can’t help but to start thinking about some of the things that happen in life. You’ll find several lessons are waiting out there, creating opportunities to change everything.

What Are the Life Lessons That Surfing Offers?

1. Patience is your best attribute.

Surfing teaches patience from the first lesson you get. Trying to stand up on your board for the first time on the sand isn’t always easy. You’ll think about what boards to buy, which waves to take, and fall off from those choices hundreds of times. If you think it takes a long time to navigate the checkout line at the store, imagine what it takes to stay there for an hour to finally have waves come!

2. Courage takes you somewhere.

You can find yourself in the water all day long, doing nothing, if you don’t dare to take a wave. Your decisions are what drive you forward! If all you ever do is go along to get along, the rest of the world will pass you by eventually. It might feel good to stop moving when you need to take a break, but you must press on.

3. You need to take what you can get sometimes.

Some surfers can wait forever to get the perfect wave. Others make do with whatever the water offers. You’ll learn fast enough the good, the bad, and the ugly when you’re ready to stand up. The only regrets you have are the opportunities that you let pass. You must seize the moments handed to you, push forward with all your strength, and learn from the lessons taught. Mistakes aren’t failures. They are chances to get better.

4. Find a way to balance things in life.

Surfing isn’t successful unless you can find your balance. Although the waves can be unpredictable, you can still stand up to make the best of what you’ve got. You won’t accomplish the next goal until you finished the first one. There will be times when you crash, and everything seems to be over your head. Get up and try again.

5. Lean into each opportunity.

Surfing is its own opportunity to find success. You are working with the environment to create peaceful moments where nothing else disturbs you. There comes a time when you must trust your board and instincts to know how to lean into a wave. Keep letting yourself get pushed forward because there’s no turning back once you get started.

If you haven’t tried surfing yet, give it a go the next time you’re at the beach. It could change your life!

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