Best Beach Sports to Play with Your Family
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Best Beach Sports to Play with Your Family

Best Beach Sports to Play with Your Family


Summer is the perfect time to be active at the beach. If you want to live the coastal lifestyle, you’ll be out there in all seasons to have some fun!

You might not strip down to your shorts or a bikini on a wintery, blustery day, but you can still head out there to participate in some beach sports with the family.

When you live in a tropical climate, every day provides the chance to follow an active lifestyle.

Here are some of the best sports you can try playing on your next trip.

List of the Best Beach Sports to Play Today

1. Ultimate Frisbee

It’s fun to toss around the Frisbee for a bit, but what about taking your activity levels up another notch? With a group of eight, you can create some goals and build a perimeter that serves as your field. Play with football rules, except you can’t move from the place where you make a catch. For added fun, try playing this one in the water.

2. Beach Volleyball

You only need four people to get this sport going on a nice day. Since this game is so popular, you’ll find strangers asking to play if you bring some equipment to the sand. Set up your net, lay the tape out for boundaries, and have some fun knocking the ball around.

3. Beach Flags

Think of this game as a version of musical chairs. You have one less flag to capture for every person playing, with each round generating an elimination. When only one is left for two people, the rush is on to get there first! It can get fairly competitive, even if you keep things in the family.

4. Beach Basketball

The rules for beach basketball are a little different. You pass the ball to each player in a team of three to create openings for a shot. If you make a basket, it counts for whatever points you’re collecting. When the ball eventually touches the sand, it becomes a free play to see who can grab it first.

5. Water Polo

This sport gets everyone in the water. You’ll need a couple of floating goals, but the rest of the boundaries (and rules) are up to you. If you’ve never played the sport before, it’s a little like soccer, handball, and swimming rolled into one activity.

6. Foot Races

If you didn’t bring any equipment to the beach, you could still have some fun. Draw a line in the sand above the water for everyone to start behind. Have an impartial person yell, “Go!” and then race for the waves. The first person to splash wins! If you want to make things more interesting, you could designate a buoy, rock, or island as your eventual destination.

Why be active on a beach day? Everyone should get at least 30 minutes of moderate activity each day. When the weather is warm and the water is cool, there’s no reason why you can’t meet that expectation.

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